Many of us have flirted with the idea of investing in iGaming. The industry is in the news a lot, and you may have heard some big success stories of companies in the market, but could 2022 be the time to invest if you haven’t already done so?

The companies surrounding the industry show just how much growth has been achieved, with iGaming supporting innovative casino platforms as well as marketing agencies, software developers and more. Some of the big companies are turning over billions every year and making huge profits at the same time. Does this represent a good investment opportunity?

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Growing iGaming

The iGaming industry is growing in multiple ways. In addition to there being more ways to play, and more success in existing markets, there are also many brand-new markets being explored. Areas where gambling may have previously been illegal or strictly regulated are changing to become more lenient or to introduce whole new gambling markets.

For instance, many states in the US are well on their way to legalizing gambling, both on sportsbook markets and iGaming, which paves the way for growth in the industry.

iGaming is growing anyway. In some countries, there is roughly one active account for every two people in the country, with places such as the UK continuing to be major players in the world of gambling.

More opportunities to invest

There are plenty of places in which to invest if you feel iGaming is going to continue to grow. Of course, capital is at risk when you do invest, but if you make some smart moves, it could make all the difference to your future.

For example, some VR gaming companies are currently receiving huge investment. Do you feel like this area is one which is going to see a lot of growth in iGaming? There are opportunities to invest within this sub niche.

While a lot of people will look to invest in the larger gambling companies, and these may be safer investments overall, there is the opportunity to find and back a big winner and get in at just the right time.

Other opportunities to invest include software developers, which are constantly looking for new ways to grow and therefore seeking investment. There are a huge number of online casinos that are licensing new games almost daily, and this means that there are many opportunities for developers in the industry.

If crypto booms, so could iGaming

iGaming companies tend to be pretty forward-thinking, and a lot of them are embracing cryptocurrencies, allowing people to gamble and play games using crypto. This means that if the cryptocurrencies do well, it is a fair bet that a lot of the iGaming companies will follow.

Cryptocurrencies are definitely one of the hot topics in investing. While volatile, if you think that these are a wise bet, they could reinforce some of the reasons why you might choose to invest in iGaming.

The industry doesn’t rely on crypto, so if it should fail or popularity drop off, it is still likely that iGaming will be going strong nonetheless.

It’s not as simple as investing in the industry

Of course, it is all well and good to say that this is the year to back the industry, but as with any industry, there will be winners and there will be losers.

The key is to do your research, and to consider exactly what the trends in the industry will be and how you may be able to take advantage of these. A shrewd investment portfolio will usually contain a mixture of ‘safer’ investments and some smaller risks that have the chance to pay off.

Do your research

To spot the best opportunities, it is a good idea to do your research and keep on top of the companies that are growing and look like they could make a huge difference in the future.

2022 is likely to be a year for certain iGaming companies to blow up, as we see more technology put to use and an even more competitive market, with more and more regions legalizing gambling.

Using new technologies is a key element in iGaming industry
Using new technologies is a key element in iGaming industry

In the UK, iGaming is already extremely popular, but many other countries are starting to relax their restrictions, which could lead to growth for some existing big players as well as new companies.

It’s vital that you think carefully before any investment, but iGaming is definitely worth considering and researching in 2022.


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