Symbolizes an accomplished gambler. Leylaj (in Persian: لیلاج) Abul Faraj Muhammad Ibn Abdullah (died: Around 970 AD), was a famous and skillful chess player who lived in Shiraz, during Adud al-Dawla’s era, and wrote the book of ‘Chess Configurations”. It is said he lost all his belongings in gambling.

You are lucky, believe it. Luck is always associated with gambling and betting; and of course, positive thinking is a step towards success.

It’s an attractive idea: either everything or nothing! Ambition is a common phenomenon among gamblers; sometimes it’s not bad to add a touch of reason to your big goals.

Enjoy the casino like James Bond! Agent 007’s success is limited to the movie, although you can enjoy everything that comes around like him!

Gamble to the size of your pocket… Gambling principles are tied to budget management; Take responsibility for yourself and never bet more than you can afford.

Focus on money… Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes while gambling is fun, but don’t forget to focus on money.

Play professionally, play forever. Take effective steps towards progress by reading the articles published on the website of Leylaj magazine.

Dears, what is available to you for free on the website of Leylaj Magazine is part of a series of activities in which we have tried to review various aspects of games, entertainment, gambling and betting, away from going to extremes.

Gambling and betting, regardless of entertainment, have always had a historical and cultural dimension among human societies, providing opportunities for fun and togetherness. Furthermore, lands such as Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan, which are traditionally referred to as Persian-speaking countries, have witnessed gambling culture being deeply entangled within general public and even among courtiers through ups and downs of their history, as its evidence is obvious to everyone today.

Any how, nowadays that unilateralism and taboos have lost their value more than ever, it is a good opportunity to review issues of gambling and betting without fear and with a correct view.

In this regard, based on our primary intention by launching Leylaj Magazine, we try to provide the basis for interaction with casino entertainment, like many other topics, only in its correct form and by raising awareness that prevents prejudice.

In this regard, you can read the exclusive introduction of Leylaj, the historical figure. Briefly, it has been Abul Faraj Muhammad Ibn Abdullah’s title, a historical figure famous for mastery in gambling. His life story, as a proficient gambler, was the main motivation for initiating this website.

No, it is not. Currently, Leylaj is a gambling and betting magazine which does not directly get involved in providing such services to users. Also, this website does not have any other domain or brand, so be cautious when dealing with individuals or websites that use our brand name or refer you to our website.

Leylaj magazine stays objective and does not express an opinion regarding superiority of betting websites and casinos and their advantages over each other. However, we may get engaged in a variety of marketing activities such as reviews, introductions, advertising banners, or advertisement posts, introducing some websites.

Like in many other similar cases, Leylaj magazine neither encourages nor condemns gambling and betting games. All types of casino games can be entertaining and fun in case principles of responsible gaming are followed, otherwise the outcome might be destructive.

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