Fintech, a portmanteau of "financial technology", refers to firms using new technology to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services.
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How fintech powers the dominance of iGaming?

The iGaming industry is a Red Bull and has grown remarkably in recent years, as more and more people enjoy

With technological advancements springing up every day, it’s no surprise that human activities, which have become so intermingled with the digital world, follow suit. One area that has gained tremendously from the advancements in technology is iGaming.
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iGaming, blockchain & crypto: a winning match made in heaven

Unless being over a decade old-fashion, it’s highly unlikely that you haven’t heard about blockchain technology or cryptocurrency in the

The interior design of a casino is an extremely important factor but should not be put before operational functionality.
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Casino design – brick & mortar: essentials to know

Major casinos use a lot of funds to fashion their interior designs, they know that a precise design element influence

Technology & Gambling
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How does technology motivate iGaming?

Technology has been a major player in the gaming industry for many years now. It has had a huge impact

iGaming History
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iGaming: a brief history of the new gambling era

It is now simple to play online casino games or engage in other gambling opportunities. Usually, you have to download

Design iGaming Games
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iGaming: why designing a casino game inspired by traditional video games is a winning idea?

There is no denying that there exists a strong link between online gambling or the casino industry and traditional video

Online Casino Business
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Starting an online casino: PROS & CONS

Any new business will have its share of ups and downs, but this is particularly factual for online businesses. With plenty of

PayPal iGaming
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PayPal difficulties in the iGaming industry

All we know that PayPal is the major eWallet online and the one that is the most frequently used for

iGaming News
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Is it the time to invest in iGaming?

Many flirted with the idea of capitalizing in iGaming. The industry is in the news a lot, and you may

iGaming Business
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7 facts about the superiority of iGaming business

iGaming, the online casino industry is booming, and the market statistics are stunning. For now, it’s a market with more