Leylaj is a content-oriented database about gambling and betting which deals with various aspects of casino games and sports predictions.

Leylaj magazine has been formed on the Internet address www.leylaj.com, initially in Persian/Farsi, with an independent identity and structure, in order to raise awareness, educate and provide information on gambling and betting to the gambling community while avoiding the extremes. Later on, in order to expand the scope of its audience, Leylaj magazine published a separate edition in English.


Leylaj magazine covers a wide range of gambling content, which has been tailored according to the audience’s needs and the presentation language.

Leylaj presents various gambling contents, some of which are collected and translated from multiple sources, where the writer has also developed the content using their personal experience.

The content published on Leylaj does not only cover events and entertainment; articles and content are selected and published viewing gambling and betting as a social and cultural phenomenon.

How it Works

  • Leylaj shall not be held responsible for the content of advertisements, sponsored posts, or the performance of advertisers, individuals, or groups.
  • Leylaj shall not be held responsible for visitors’ claims which may be posted in sections such as the “Comments” section, nor for the connections that might be formed among visitors to the site.
  • In order to induce a sense of presence in the gambling atmosphere, the articles’ publication dates and times are not displayed!
  • Furthermore, in order to resemble the randomness of results which is a basic principle of casino games and betting, on some pages, the contents are displayed randomly in different categories.
  • In order to protect the privacy and prevent future issues, the names and information of the magazine content writer(s) are not disclosed.
  • Contents selection and presentation are done away from common extreme perceptions of good and bad, with a focus on presenting facts and raising awareness.
  • It has been observed in several cases that contents published on Leylaj have been copied without consent or giving credit. Contents’ intellectual ownership, publishing, and republishing rights are reserved for Leylaj.

Cooperation Opportunities

Cooperation opportunities with Leylaj magazine generally include areas such as content writing, media cooperation, advertising campaigns, and investments in the field of gambling and betting.

Content Writing

Content writing is the main way of earning money in this media, which has been welcomed by operators of various businesses related to gambling and betting entertainment.

All the content published on Leylaj is of unique and incomparable quality. Besides, surfing the internet, you will see that these articles have been copied repeatedly and have been the basis for many articles published on other websites, which demonstrates the value of our content.

This database is in fact an example of our ability to generate specialized content. Therefore, interested individuals, groups, and casino owners who desire to develop a magazine or a specialized website can benefit from the content writing services of this experienced media.

Media Partnership and Advertising Cooperation

Leylaj is ready to cooperate with conferences, seminars, and exhibitions on gambling; service companies; and game studios. As a leading media, as well as a prominent world-class brand, Leylaj has had brilliant experiences at an international level, a list of which could be provided upon request to those who are interested.

Although traditional forms of advertisements are not applied in Leylaj, however, in certain cases, it is possible to consider advertisements in the form of banners and introductions through advertisement posts.

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