Giza Nights: Hold and Win is a new-fangled video slot from Playson which pleases gamblers with a journey to the Egyptian mystic landscape.

Reveal the mysteries of the night and set foot inside the ancient town of Giza – a mysterious place, enriched with ancient history and the glorious power of its former owners.

Initial from the Base Game, the slot has a lot to offer and undoubtedly will catch the eye of a classic Hold and Win player. Furthermore, Hold and Win mechanics were upgraded with a Boost mechanic – a perfect way for players to grab some extra wins in all game modes. The ultimate goal of Hold and Win was not forgotten, players can relax easily, meaning that they can win Mini, Minor, and Major jackpots by hitting the equivalent symbols, uncovering the Mystery symbols, or filling all bonus fields to get the Grand Jackpot.

In addition to Hold and Win, gamblers can enjoy Free Spins mode with top and special symbols only and Extra Bonus Feature – which opens new ways to trigger Hold and Win bonuses.

The Game is truthfully rich with features and Playson is optimistic that players will try them all, accompanied by the dazzling spirit of the Giza Night!

Giza Nights: Hold and Win
Giza Nights: Hold and Win

As we know and according to Wikipedia Giza (/ˈɡiːzə/; sometimes spelled Gizah, Gizeh, Geeza, Jiza; Egyptian Arabic: الجيزة el-Gīza [elˈgiːzæ]) is the third biggest city in Egypt, but here and now have ended up on the outskirts with huge pyramids reaching for the sky. The game has a Boost Feature letting the players gather cash prizes from the reels. Moreover, there is a Free Spins feature where the lower-paying symbols are removed from the reels and a respins feature that can reward the Grand Jackpot of 5,000X the bet.

Giza Nights: Hold and Win is a casino slot from Playson with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 25 paylines. The Minimum bet is 0.2, and the Maximum bet is 100. The game’s RTP is 95.96%, and the volatility is mid-high. The perfect spinning session can outcome in a max win of 5,844X the bet.

Giza Nights: Hold and Win – Playson

Many things in Egypt might be new to you. However, you’ll feel more at home after learning the features of Wild Symbol, Boost Feature, Bonus Game, Extra Bonus Feature, and Free Spins.

Game Features:

  • Wild symbol 
  • Scatter symbol 
  • Bonus symbol 
  • Boost symbol 
  • Mystery symbol
  • Hold and Win Bonus Game
  • Bonus Game Jackpots
  • Free Spins
  • Extra Bonus Feature
  • Boost Feature

It’s nighttime in Giza, and a blue light covers the landscape. The top part of a full moon is visible above the reels, and to their sides are pyramids. To the left of the reel is a statue of a creature with a human body and bird head, holding a bowl with fire. It’s probably Horus, the god of kingship, healing, protection, and a bunch of other things.

To make a win in the Egyptian night, you need to land at least 3 of the same symbols on a payline going left to right, starting on the first reel to the left. You can play Giza Nights on mobile phones, notepads, and desktop computers.

Giza Nights: Hold and Win - Features & Bonus Games

The lower-paying symbols in Egypt are the so-called royals. Making a 5-of-a-kind win with J, Q, K, and awards 2X the bet. The higher-paying symbols are two poles, an ankh cross, the eye of Ra, and Horus. These four symbols award between 4X and 10X the bet for a win containing 5 symbols. The Wild Symbol substitutes all mentioned symbols but not the Scatter, Bonus, or Boost Symbols.

Giza Nights: Hold and Win – Video

Giza Nights: Hold and Win

Giza Nights: Hold and Win Slot Features

What is the maximum win in the Giza Nights: Hold and Win slot?

You can win up to 5,000X the bet.

What features are offered in the slot Giza Nights: Hold and Win?

The features are Wild Symbol, Boost Feature, Bonus Game, Extra Bonus Feature, and Free Spins.

Wild Symbol

The Wild Symbol is an image of a night landscape with a full moon over three pyramids. It substitutes all regular paying symbols but not the Scatter, Bonus, or Boost Symbols. It’s also the best-paying symbol on its own, awarding 0.6X, 2.4, and 12X the bet for a win line of 3, 4, or 5 symbols.

The Wild Symbol is stacked three rows tall. It means it can cover all places on a reel when it lands.

Boost Feature

The Bonus Symbols are moons with a cash worth of 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X, 7X, 8X, 9X, 10X, 12X, 14X, and 16X the bet. Additionally, they can have the Mini, Minor, or Major Jackpot, worth 20X, 50X, and 150X the bet. While the Bonus Symbols can appear anywhere on the reels, you can’t make regular wins with them. The Boost Symbol can appear on the third reel in the base game and Free Spins.

The Boost Feature triggers whenever the Boost Symbol appears. It will collect the cash values of all Bonus Symbols. Landing the Boost Symbol together with 5 or more Bonus Symbols will trigger the Bonus Game after the Boost Feature is finished.

Bonus Game

Landing 6 or extra Bonus Symbols everyplace on the reels causes the Bonus Game. You also trigger the feature by landing 5 or more Bonus Symbols and a Boost Symbol. The Bonus Game is a respins feature that holds all triggering symbols while the rest of the grid is cleared.

You start with 3 spins and can only land blanks, Bonus Symbols, Boost Symbols, or Mystery Symbols on each open position. The Mystery Symbol will reveal the Mini, Minor, or Major Jackpot.

Whenever a new symbol lands, it sticks to the reels, and the spins are reset to 3. The feature continues until the player runs out of spins or all 15 positions are filled with symbols. Filling the grid completely awards the Grand Jackpot of 5,000X the bet.

Extra Bonus Feature

Any Bonus Symbol that appears through the base game or Free Spins can randomly activate the Extra Bonus Feature by adding sufficient Bonus Symbols to trigger the Bonus Game.

Free Spins

Landing 3 Scatter Symbols, showed by a scarab, pays 1X the bet and triggers 8 Free Spins. The lower-paying symbols are removed from the reels, which means that you can only land higher-paying symbols, Wilds, Scatters, Boost, and Bonus Symbols.

Landing 3 Scatters in the Free Spins triggers 8 additional spins.

Giza Nights: Hold and Win Slot Conclusion

Giza Nights: Hold and Win from Playson has nice visuals of a mysterious Egyptian night, and the reels run efficiently. The game maker has also packed more than a few features into this 5-reels game. The Wild Symbol can be a great start toward big wins. It is constantly stacked and will cover a reel fully if the whole symbol lands visible.

Giza Nights: Hold and Win
Giza Nights: Hold and Win

There are some additional exciting special symbols too. The Bonus Symbols can trigger the Bonus Game, which can pay Jackpots up to 5,000X the bet. You can’t make regular wins with them, however, so they won’t assist a lot if you land fewer than 6. Nevertheless, if you chance to land a Boost Symbol, the cash price of all visible Bonus Symbols will be collected, no matter how many there are.

The Free Spins also offer something additional since the lower-paying symbols are detached from the reels. It drastically upsurges your odds of landing big wins. With just a bit of luck, you might be able to retrigger 8 additional spins within the feature.

Casino slots with Egyptian theme tunes seem like practically as common as football players from Brazil. You can really find more than a few other titles from Giza if it happens to be your beloved Egyptian place. Gods of Giza uses a diverse payout system, where wins are made by landing 3 or more symbols on adjacent positions horizontally or vertically wherever on the reels. Fortune of Giza is more similar to this game, though it emphasizes completely the Free Spins and doesn’t have a Respins feature.

Giza Nights from Playson is an Egyptian night journey with boosted Free Spins and a respins Jackpot awarding up to 5,000X the bet.

Giza Nights: Hold and Win – Leylaj

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