Regardless of your viewpoint about superstitions, numerous people still admit it. All around the world, cultures have nurtured some of these beliefs, and it just becomes more important when people gamble in casinos.

It is known by the world that the Chinese are a superstitious group of people. Several gambling superstitions have been extremely deep-rooted in Chinese traditions and culture. It is broadly believed that these traditions can help boost your luck during gambling, irrespective if you are playing mahjong, poker, or going to the casino.

Gambling is a cherished activity for Chinese people, who express and uphold their culture and values through their betting preferences and behaviors. How do they manage to gamble in a strict and prohibitive environment? They employ various humorous and creative ways to do so.

Below is a list of Chinese gambling superstitions and taboos for your reference. Correspondingly, before you go ahead here you can take a look at Boost Your Luck in Gambling by Chinese Feng Shui.

Chinese Culture in Gambling is One of The Oldest That Still Has a Presence in The Modern World
Chinese Culture in Gambling is One of The Oldest That Still Has a Presence in The Modern World

Believe these gambling superstitions or not, it is up to you!

7 Most Popular Chinese Gambling Superstitions – Believe it or Not!

The red color is the right color

Try to wear red underwear and then walk into a casino – This might look a bit humorous to some players, but the Chinese have confidence in this as a particular superstition.

In the Chinese tradition, red color is a symbol of joy and good fortune. It is whispered that wearing red underwear, a brief, a bra, or whatever in red is going to bring good luck and fortune.

It’s better to know about the other colors too, for instance; Golden or yellow color is traditionally the color used in imperial service.

Moreover, in Chinese values, the red color typically means good luck while it is not a good choice to wear a red color shirt when you attend a funeral. So, similar to the red packet which is given every Chinese New Year, is just a symbol of good luck in the coming Year.

Counting money is wrong, till the end of time!

Indeed, that’s more internationally accepted that you should not count the money that you gain or lose during the gambling session. If you don’t know why, then look at the lyrics from the Gambler music by Johhny Cash which was released on November 13, 1978, or even better watch the music-video in below.

You don't ever count your money
While you're sittin' at the table
There'll be time enough for countin'
When the dealin' is done
Johnny Cash – The Gambler

Do not touch

Here another thing is to not hit or touch the shoulder of one while he or she is gambling for the reason that they believe that this act will pat away their good luck.

Somehow it seems logical to avoid such behavior since in another point we can imagine it’s an act that may cause a fight even!

Avoid books

That’s good to carry a book to read, but then it might be a bad idea when you are gambling. During gambling, ensure that there isn’t somebody reading a book behind you or in front of you, since in Chinese, “book” sounds like “to lose”.

So, just stop reading books while people are gambling around you or someone may put the blame on you for his/her loss!

Don’t mess with pregnant women

It is a big taboo for gamblers to play against a pregnant woman because the Chinese accept as true that expectant women are “carrying their good fortune inside their belly” and they correspondingly have additional pairs of “eyes” to watch and observe the entire scene.

So pregnant women are said to bring good luck to gamblers.

Respect monks & nuns

When it comes to religion, we can see lots of things leading to a polite relationship. we are all familiar with different religious views about gambling, simply it’s not wise from the point of view. By the way, history shows that it isn’t going to stop people from gambling.

Related to the above-mentioned, there is a belief that do not gamble after having seen either monks or nuns.

Plan your toilet time

If you are on a losing streak, it is sensible to go to the toilet which brings you luck and vice versa… but, there is a saying that if you are on a winning streak, do not leave your chair for the toilet for the reason that it will wash away your good luck.

As it seems, you should practice your resistance if you want to keep winning!

Final thoughts

You may use some of the good luck rituals as a helping hand to your self-confidence or decently have faith that they will help you win, remember; on condition that you’re having enjoyable moments, it’s fine.

Remember, follow your dreams without fear!

Chinese gambling superstitions

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    One more thing in Chinese gambling superstitions to note is to choose the right spot. For this, you need to know about the Feng Shui and its tradition.

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