Day Three at SPiCE International 2023 sparked vibrant discussions on innovation, emerging tech, and future trends. The stage featured valuable perspectives aimed at unravelling the intricacies of the entertainment and tourism sectors, as well as cutting-edge digital marketing strategies.

Kicking off the final day of the summit, Viktoria Soltesz, Founder of PSP Angels, delivered an illuminating keynote address, focusing on how blockchain payments have revolutionised the industry. She highlighted the global nature of cryptocurrency and the benefits of integrating the payment method.

Cryptocurrency is quicker and cheaper for deposits and payouts; it’s instant, so obviously, the clients are happy. It’s easy to integrate API code; with different payment service providers, you have the opportunity for less compliance, quicker setup. Life is good—it’s global, so you don’t have to worry about exchange.

Viktoria Soltesz, Founder, PSP Angels

The stage was set for exploration of tourism development in Dubai. Moderator Aziz Kenjaev (Entangle Protocol) spearheaded the conversation, expertly guiding the contributions of esteemed panellists including Deepanshul Rana, Navneeth Srinivas and Rakesh Eligapalli. Their invaluable insights not only emphasised Dubai’s booming tourism sector but also highlighted the city’s potential to evolve into an all-encompassing industry hub. The discussion concluded with a lively Q&A session, witnessing an abundance of interactive questions from an engaged audience.

I wouldn’t be surprised if, in the next two years, Dubai becomes the first country in the globe to have a complete ecosystem. Right now, what is happening in many geo-locations is that gaming is viewed as a high-risk business. Dubai is not like that; they say, ‘we are going to de-risk, and how are we going to de-risk? By getting the regulations in place.

Navneeth Srinivas, Founder, Metamine Gaming

Additional panel discussions offered a glimpse into the fast-paced digital era, running parallel to the industry. From the integration of AI and VR in the Esports sector to competitive digital marketing strategies including SEO, AI, and user behaviour, these discussions provided crucial insights for navigating the landscape and advancing branding ahead of competitors.

The topics of the day were further dissected and debated during networking sessions, where attendees from diverse segments of the industry engaged in in-depth knowledge exchanges. The hum of networking underscored the success of the three-day summit, leaving attendees with a wealth of knowledge, lasting connections and a pocketful of business cards.

SPiCE International Returns in 2024!

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