Feng Shui is a fairly simple way to enhance the atmosphere of your home. As gamblers, you know how much luck is imperative in life, so, why don’t you attempt to take full advantage of it?

Feng shui, sometimes called Chinese geomancy, is an ancient Chinese traditional practice that claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. However, it is well-identified that feng shui should bring you extra happiness and prosperity in life, which is the motive why we are taking this topic to the table.

Feng shui has influenced the design of many sites, buildings, and objects in China and beyond. Feng shui is not only a way of designing spaces, but also a way of living in harmony with nature and oneself.

Feng Shui is known in Chinese culture as a direct system of laws which govern the spatial arrangement and orientation of a home or building in relation to the flow of energy in the universe.
Feng Shui is known in Chinese culture as a direct system of laws that govern the spatial arrangement and orientation of a home or building in relation to the flow of energy in the universe.

Chinese people are also known for their love of gambling, through their gambling choices and habits, Chinese gamblers not only defy and probe the limits of the law but also reveal and affirm their cultural heritage and beliefs. Here is a standup comedy that explains this in a fun way. Moreover, here is another related topic you may want to read: 7 Chinese gambling superstitions to know.

Only Chinese People Gamble Like This

Let’s check it out and see how feng shui can improve your gambling luck!

Increase luck in gambling by Chinese Feng Shui

Take the benefits of Feng Shui while you are gambling

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese tradition that attention to interior design, according to Wikipedia. According to it, there are rules about where should important furniture be in your house.

If you put things in the correct place your energy will be in a sense of balance, and you will feel at peace with yourself and the world around you. That means you will chief a luckier life expectancy, therefore, more winning at gambling games will follow!

Well, you don’t know if it is true unless you try it, right?

Play in a peaceful environment

Commonly, we all sense more comfort as soon as our surroundings are in order. For instance, if you come home and all the things are scattered everywhere, it is usual to feel concerned and worried. That is why the feng shui practice is not some magical thing, even if it feels like it at first sight.

Basically, our mood depends a lot on the environment in which we are and that is logically proven by science. So, we can say that equality applies to gambling! One advantage of online casinos compared to the brick-and-mortar ones is that you can choose from which place you are going to play.

Moreover, in harmony with the feng shui guidelines, you should play only in an environment where you feel peaceful.

Enhance good energy

Bring good vibrations to the table! This is similar to one instruction that is a result of the feng shui philosophy. Everyone has heard about the quote that the vibes you spread, are the same ones you will get in return.

In the gambling world, that means good energy will give you higher odds of winning massive prizes. A good Casino offers you a lot of chances to win, everything is in your hands.

Do not count money

When you start winning, you shouldn’t count money. If you don’t pay too much consideration to it and you are not obsessed, you will be calmer and your choices will be better.

This means you will play better and get more out of the casino. You should pay attention to the deposit methods that we have which are various.

Pay attention to the colors

Colors as well as numbers, are noteworthy if you have faith in the hidden forces that rule beneath the surface. Yet, if you aren’t so much into this kind of stuff, you still should take note of both colors and numbers.

Here and now, we will leave the symbolism of numbers away, but colors are our present subject. Bright colors and neutral colors on you and around you will attract positive energy in your life. They can be your lucky charm when you are playing your favorite casino

Know the symbolism of numbers

Do you know how people love to say that they have their favorite number? Well, numbers can certainly be the game-changer.

Indeed, every single number says its own story, a little piece of history that can be important to you, our dear players. Select your lucky number without restrictions and trust it. The symbolism of numbers can really assist you win some big numbers if you know what it means.

Final thoughts

There are lots of benefits in positiveness, such as:

  • Increased life span,
  • Lower rates of depression,
  • Lower levels of distress and pain,
  • Greater resistance to illnesses,
  • Better psychological and physical well-being.

Keep these as a motive or just a kind of positive viewpoint, do not forget to just gamble for fun and responsible.

Gambling – Chinese Feng Shui

We gave you some advice on how feng shui can improve your gambling luck. Try them in the casino and tell us if they have worked! May the luck be with you.


  • Mikel, February 26, 2023 @ 2:13 am Reply

    When it comes to gambling, I really believe that Chinese Feng Shui is an effective way.
    Indeed, I have some good experiences using this method.

    • Ariel, April 30, 2023 @ 6:21 pm Reply

      I don’t believe in Feng Shui , but then I have my own lucky number and it is 16 so when I gamble I consider it as a winning sign…

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